Ambitious growth targets: Moving to Burgrieden paves the way for the future

Röchling Industrial Laupheim moves to new location with focus on healthcare sector

With the move from Laupheim to Burgrieden, the subsidiary of the international plastics processor Röchling Industrial is not only expanding production possibilities and capacities, but also expanding its technological leadership by integrating additional skills.

Construction work in the final stages: Röchling Industrial Laupheim GmbH moves to Burgrieden

The company is part of the leading international plastics processor Röchling Industrial. It specialises in machining design for high-performance plastics, in particular for the healthcare, sensor and control technology, and water technology industries. In 2017, the international Röchling Group took over the former Fischer Kunststoff Präzisions GmbH. Since then, the company has continuously invested in expanding its unique expertise in complex, high-precision components.

Precision parts for the healthcare sector

The company will expand its focus on the international healthcare industry at its new location: “Our aim is to be the top healthcare development partner in Germany and Europe for developing components made of high-performance thermoplastics,” says Peter Eckerstorfer, Director Machined Components Europe at Röchling Industrial.

Cleanrooms - a first for this technology

“Building an ISO Class 8 cleanroom is Röchling Industrial's way of taking another consistent step towards these goals. This complements our technological expertise, which is particularly crucial for the healthcare sector,” adds Michael Haller, spokesperson for the Röchling Industrial Laupheim Management Board.

Additive manufacturing as a forward-looking addition

Technological plastic part production will also be expanded to include additive manufacturing technology at the new location, which is a brilliant addition to existing services. Using state-of-the-art and pioneering production processes, such as 3D printing or laser sintering, Röchling Industrial is focusing on the industrialisation of this technology.

Unlimited capacity

“With our rapid growth and high demand, we’re reaching our capacity limits at our previous location. Construction work on our new building in Burgrieden is in its final stages. We are delighted that we can now move to the “Am Flugplatz” industrial park,” says Rudolf Karremann, Technical Managing Director of Röchling Industrial Laupheim. “My special thanks go to the municipality of Burgrieden and the general contractor and investor Matthäus Schmid Bauunternehmen GmbH & Co. KG. Without the good cooperation, we would not have been able to implement the project in this time.” The move to the new location will be completed by the end of December.

Over 24,000 square meters of land, including 10,000 square meters of production space, will be available to the company in the future. In addition, another 10,400 square metres of land have been selected for future growth.

Focus on sustainability and efficiency

When planning the new building, the latest findings from the digitisation sector were integrated to optimise all smart office and smart factory internal processes. This means the company is improving its own production processes and efficiency. “The positive changes enable us to manufacture our high-quality products in an even more target-oriented and progressive manner,” says Karremann. Great importance was also attached to sustainability during planning. For example, there is a heat recovery system for heating and cooling was installed, a PV system, and several charging stations for electric cars are planned. In addition, plastic shavings created during production are separated by type and reused.

Team guaranteeing success today and tomorrow
By the end of 2022, around 180 employees will be occupying the new building. “We’re delighted that the move doesn’t take us far; this means we can achieve our expansion targets without losing our qualified, long-term employees. They ensure the continuity and success of our company. In order to achieve this, many new jobs will be created in the future. That’s why we are always looking for highly qualified colleagues,” emphasises Haller.


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