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Near net shape cast parts

Semi-finished products in shape

Design: Semi-finished products are near net shape casted parts, which are available standardized in the following designs with narrowly incremented dimensions:

  • rods
  • discs
  • blocks
  • sheets
  • tubes
  • rings
  • corex rods

Processing: The shape of the finished part is manufactured completely cut from the semi-finished product

Shape-optimized – special cast parts

Design: Special cast parts are near net shape casted parts, which already resemble the design of the finished part. Thus, special cast parts differ from semi-finished products via their dimensions or design. Therefore, they are “optimized semi-finished products.”

Processing: Special cast parts are optimized semi-finished products which are machine cut to shape on all sides. The final design is created through this process.

Fully molded - castings

Design for cast polyamide: The castings are almost finished parts, usually complex design. Most areas and are adjusted to the final design. Thus, these castings differ from semi-finished products and of the castings, because of its precision and / or complexity and / or its design.

Treatment for cast polyamide: With the castings, only the functional dimension is sometimes cut machine. The remaining surfaces are blank.


Röchling Sustaplast possesses one of the most modern and largest near net shape casting plants as well as many years of expertise. Semi-finished products, specialized, and cast parts even with the largest dimensions are manufactured with outstanding characteristics using the material SUSTAMID 6G and various modifications. In a magnitude of application areas, SUSTAMID 6G substitutes for materials such as steel, bronze, or wood. Take full advantage of this unique material.

Through the process of anionic polymerization, Röchling offers you the production of semi-finished products with standardized dimensions as well as the production of parts with complex designs. The objective is the most economic and technically sensible manufacturing of finished parts with the optimized use of materials and machinery.

Corrosion restistant, wear resistant and easy machinable

Polyamide is a popular material in automotive engineering, machine building, and plant construction as well as electronics due to its outstanding, balanced set of properties. The material distinguishes itself via high mechanical and thermal stress capacity as well as high chemical resistance. Absolute corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance, and machining ease make SUSTAMID 6G the top choice among materials. The density of SUSTAMID 6G is 87% less than that of metals and also provides enormous advantages during assembly.

Ideal for large dimensions

Most polyamide is processed by first melting the material and then shaping it. One can achieve all kinds of shapes through the injection molding process. During the extrusion process, semi-finished products emerge in the form of rods, sheets, films, tubes, and profiles. The dimensions are, however, restricted depending on the process. 

Röchling offers you near net shape casting as the ideal manufacturing process for large-volume parts, which cannot be manufactured through injection molding, as well as for massive semi-finished products that are not suitable for the extrusion process. There are practically no limits with respect to dimensions and modifications.


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