Have the guts! Best future opportunities for girls in technical professions

Röchling Industrial in Haren promotes women in technical professions

There is a shortage of qualified skilled workers in almost all occupational areas today, also in the Emsland region. Industrial companies are also struggling to find employees and trainees. Röchling Industrial in Haren is working to counter this - with targeted projects, the company inspires girls for technical fields. Vanessa Kamp, for example, found her dream job at the international leading plastics company.

As a woman in a man's profession? Just the thing for Vanessa Kamp

"The shortage of skilled workers has also reached us in Emsland. Both in the commercial, but especially in the technical area, it is becoming more difficult to find specialists and trainees," reports Daniel Fritz, CFO of Röchling Industrial. The company develops and produces high-quality thermoplastics and composites for various industrial sectors. "As an industrial company, we depend on well-trained employees and want to actively counteract the shortage of skilled workers," he says. The goal is to get more girls interested in technical professions. "The first projects in this direction already exist. In the future, we will work even more closely with schools to introduce female students to technology at an early stage," says Fritz. For example, groups of pupils will be invited to the company to produce parts for the school together with experts on the machines and systems. The company has already received awards within the Röchling Group for these actions.


Do not be intimidated by prejudices and stereotypes

"We already have some women working in our company in professions that tend to be male-dominated," reports Guido van Zoest, Human Resources Manager at Röchling Industrial in Haren. "We would like to encourage even more tech-savvy girls to make the leap and not be discouraged by prejudices." Especially in the technical field, the prospects are very good, he said. "Technical professions will also be needed in the future. Those who do an apprenticeship in the field have an excellent basis for a safe and varied profession."

Dream job in the technical field: it has come true for Vanessa Kamp

This is also confirmed by Vanessa Kamp, who makes an apprenticeship as a process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology at Röchling Industrial. In her training, she monitors and controls the extrusion lines and ensures that production runs smoothly.

"It wasn't always clear to me that I wanted to take up a technical profession," the young woman reports. "I first completed an apprenticeship in the office, but then quickly realised that I would rather do practical work." She got to know the company and the profession through an internship. "For me, it was helpful to do internships and thus get insights into the profession. Especially girls who like manual work should also look at the technical field and not be afraid of prejudices." She herself has been encouraged in her decision at all times, both by the company, her family and friends, she says. "I feel very comfortable at work and am supported by my colleagues at all times."


Wide range of different apprenticeship occupations

"Vanessa is just one example that shows the potential technical professions have for women. We therefore advise schoolgirls with an interest in this area to take heart, the opportunities are huge," says Guido van Zoest. Röchling Industrial in Haren offers training in a variety of technical professions - from electronics technician to materials tester to cutting machine operator. In addition, the company also offers numerous commercial apprenticeships and dual study programmes. 

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