Trovidur® EC-FR White meets the highest fire specifications in accordance with FM 4910

Röchling Industrial expands its product range offering products for safe and sustainable use in semiconductor and cleanroom technology applications

With the color variant Trovidur® EC-FR White FR1130, the international plastics processor Röchling Industrial SE & Co. KG is expanding its product range to include materials that can be used safely in the semiconductor and solar industries. The new variant meets the FM 4910 requirements for fire behavior and smoke development and therefore allows customers to use the sustainable material in clean rooms in the semiconductor industry.

FM Approvals specification tested to FM 4910: the new product Trovidur® EC-FR White FR1130 meets the FM 4910 fire specifications

Materials used in sensitive application areas such as in the semiconductor industry must meet special requirements. The cleanliness of the environment and a safe production process play a decisive role in maintaining quality. To ensure compliance, products such as computer chips and their primary products are manufactured to the strictest specifications.

It is often the case that materials used in these applications must also meet particularly high fire behavior requirements and be tested for compliance with FM 4910. In the event of a fire, this minimizes flame propagation and significantly reduces smoke density.

Trovidur® EC-FR from plastics processor Röchling Industrial is a proven material that meets the requirements. It is already widely used in industry, for example in the manufacture of so-called wet benches. In addition to Trovidur® EC-FR Ivory 1013, the variant Trovidur® EC-FR White FR1130 has now also been "FM Approvals specification tested" to FM 4910, thus adding another high-quality material to the product range.


Trovidur® EC-FR White FR1130 has the following features:

  • FM Approvals specification tested to FM 4910: flame retarding and self-extinguishing after removal of the flame
  • High-quality surface glance on both sides
  • High chemical resistance
  • Easy processing
  • Weldable and bondable
  • Easy to clean
Cleanroom technology: With its fire behavior and low smoke development, Trovidur® EC-FR White FR1130 is suitable for use in clean rooms
Use in semiconductor technology: Trovidur® EC-FR White FR1130 is used in the fabrication of enclosures, e.g. in the semiconductor industry and elsewhere

Focus on safety and sustainability

With the new color variant and the high-gloss surface, Röchling gives its customers an even wider choice of products for applications in sensitive areas. The material's properties support employee safety, reduce contamination in the event of a fire, and help reduce malfunctions or plant downtime.

The new material is available with a panel width of up to 1.50 meters and cut-to-size panels are also available on request. The product is supplied as a panel with a protective film on both surfaces, which prevents damage to the high-gloss surface during the manufacturing process and further processing.

Trovidur® EC-FR is manufactured in Germany in both ivory and white color variants. Thus, Röchling makes it possible for its European customers to reduce transportation costs and delivery times. This also contributes to greater sustainability, the reduction of CO2 emissions, and more flexibility across the entire supply chain.

Asian customers also benefit from the freely available products in the face of the current high demand levels in the semiconductor industry.

You can find more information about our FM 4910 tested materials here.




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