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Röchling-ReLoop® - high-quality recyclates
Röchling-ReLoop® - high-quality recyclates

With our Röchling-ReLoop® product family for high-quality recycled materials, we conserve valuable resources and close material cycles. We use offcuts of our customers and from our production as well as post-consumer waste to process high-quality plastic products. Röchling-ReLoop® is available as a post-consumer recycling product and post-industrial recycling product.


Reducing the use of fossil-based raw materials

Röchling-ReLoop® you contribute to saving fossil resources.

Strengthening the circular economy

Strengthening the circular economy is one of the most important tasks in the plastics industry. Röchling-ReLoop® increases the use of recycled materials and contributes to the source reduction of waste.

Reducing the environmental footprint

Our use of recyclates contributes to reducing the ecological footprint in our customers’ applications.

Create competitive advantage

We use our recyclates to support the expansion of sustainability in our customers’ industries and create competitive advantages.

The recycling of plastic waste is a central building block of a sustainable economy. The use of high-quality recycled materials reduces the consumption of fossil raw materials. This contributes to the conservation of valuable resources. In addition to the sustainable use of raw materials, we also keep an eye on the technical requirements of our customers. Sustainability and engineering go hand in hand for us to continue to provide our customers with customised, durable solutions for their individual application.

We support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals. Röchling ReLoop® products contribute holistically to the conservation of resources:

  • in the manufacturing process through the use of high-quality recyclates,
  • during the utilisation phase through custom-fit engineering and
  • as an end-of-life solution utilisation phase through custom-fit engineering and recyclable materials that can be reused as high-quality raw materials

Röchling-ReLoop® - Materials - Röchling Industrial

  • Play-Tec® PCR
  • Polystone® G PCR
  • Polystone® G ZRO
  • Maywogreen ABS PCR
  • Maywogreen PS PCR 1230
  • Maywogreen PS PCR 1227
  • Maywoflamm® plus RC
  • Maywoflamm® NFPA RC

Increase transparency

Our Röchling-ReLoop®portfolio includes ISCC PLUS certified products whose recycled content can be transparently traced. The certification system provides transparent and verified information of the entire value chain. This contributes not only to achieve the company's own sustainability goals, but also to complying with existing and future sustainability requirements from customers or at the regulatory level.


ISCC PLUS is one of the world’s leading certification schemes for the use of bio-based and recycled raw materials. ISCC stands for International Sustainability & Carbon Certification. Companies from various industries worldwide can be certified according to ISCC for the sustainable use of bio-based or recycled raw materials.

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Application examples

Impact protection strip made of Polystone® G PCR
Maywogreen PS PCR

High-quality plastic recyclates

Post-consumer recycling

Post-consumer recycling comprises materials that are produced in households, public, commercial and industrial facilities after their use phase and can no longer be used for their intended purpose. Possible source materials are, for example, packaging waste from the collection of recyclable materials or used plastic pipes in the commercial sector, such as those generated during construction or infrastructure projects.


Post-industrial recycling

Post-industrial recycling uses material that is generated as waste during the manufacturing process for recycling and can be prepared through recycling processes and then reused. During the production of plastic components, scrap often accumulates, e.g. in the form of machining contours, edge trimmings or chips. They are collected and used as raw materials for high-quality recycled products.


Post-consumer recycling is part of the circular economy and starts after the use phase. Usable plastic waste that would have been sent to a landfill for disposal in a linear economy is collected after use, cleaned, sorted and mechanically processed to be returned to the production process in the production of semi-finished plastic products.
Post-industrial recycling is a direct recycling cycle during the production of plastic components. Scrap from the processing of plastic semi-finished products is mechanically prepared and recycled as a starting material for the production of further semi-finished products.


Every product consumes resources and has an environmental impact. Sustainability is not only a question of the raw material used, but also depends on factors such as use in the customer’s application, service life and end-of-life options. Considering these factors over the life cycle is crucial for assessing how sustainable a product is. This applies to any product made of any material. In this way, ecological, technical and economic advantages can be combined.


Life cycle assessment

Life cycle assessment


Closing loops

Strengthening the circular economy is one of the most important tasks in the plastics industry. In cooperation with you, we would like to channel material flows sensibly and even more efficiently into sustainable paths. For you, there is no need for time-consuming disposal of waste materials, and you also make an important contribution to resource conservation and environmental protection.


Recycling loop

Recycling – Managing material flows sensibly



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